There is no such thing as ‘bad press’

Caroline Egan
5 min readJul 12, 2023

How negativity generates money

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Negativity and anger seem to fuel the internet and news these days. The most extreme headlines garner the most clicks. Comment sections are riddled with name-calling, assumptions and misguided opinions.

The most complex of ideas are misrepresented in click-bait titles and distilled down into something that has doesn’t even slightly resemble the truth. A misconstrued piece of information is often the focal point of the title, and on closer inspection of the piece, let alone the research it cites, there is a completely different picture. People are simply outraged by the title and at best glance the article, let alone actually research the subject further and take to the comment sections with their proverbial pitch forks.

You know the drill.

I’ve written before about how this simplification of the media and headlines, as well as having a binary view of the world isn’t helpful to living a good life. In fact, you’re going to have a world of pain.

Here’s the article on black and white thinking here if you’re interested:

But black and white thinking sells.



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