Stop Moaning About the Changes on Medium

Caroline Egan
3 min readAug 14, 2023
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I am not an expert by any stretch on Medium, but I’m seeing a lot of negativity about the recent changes. I get that trying to predict what will get you read and even better paid is pretty important, but honestly these changes seem better designed to maintain a higher standard of writing on this site.

I know Medium gives a lot of people a welcome added boost to their income, and I’m happy that it does, but nothing in the real world ever stays the same for too long, and Medium should be no exception.

It must be extremely disappointing for people to suddenly see their earnings nosedive, BUT, given that this is essentially a freelance gig, you need to be prepared for that. The key I suppose is learning to adapt, or at least, not have all your writing eggs in one basket that potentially could go on fire at any point.

If anything you could probably have been following the algorithm seamlessly for the last year or so and earning loads, but were you actually pushing yourself?

Were you writing your best life?

Or were you just writing the same low content crap over and over again.

Honestly I don’t want to hear about how you’re doing on Medium or what online jobs can make you money (that you’ve never tried).

And there are so so so many of these here, and frankly, they shouldn’t be.

Let’s face it — although I love to be supportive — plenty of the writing here has become super click-baity and nearly seems like it has been completely generated by a robot. I’m not even talking purely about the grammatical errors (which I mean, leave people alone when they are trying) but I’m talking about super long articles that are saying actually nothing.

They literally have nothing of value to offer — no humour, no knowledge, no nothing.

I have seen plenty of people claiming to be able to teach us how to earn here when honestly I’d be surprised if they even earn anything.

Apparently paying Medium readers have been leaving in droves over the last while so the business (remember it is a business) needed to rethink how to up the stakes.

I’m assuming it will force writers (myself included) to work a bit harder and write more heartfelt content to keep readers paying.

And why shouldn’t this happen? I mean it is a business after all — one that pays us- which is great!

Even though we pay a membership and put in our extra time, we shouldn’t take for granted that this is an opportunity to earn.

Sure, the rug may have been pulled out from under people but the ability ability to evolve and rise to the challenge instead of acting like a spoilt brat is what will make you constantly strive to improve yourself.

Writing isn’t a game- it’s a skill that needs to be developed and honed, otehrwise we might as well be replaced by AI.

So stop whining and get better at writing!



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