20 Things I Would Tell Myself at 21

Caroline Egan
5 min readJun 5, 2023

Wise words I’d share

21-year-old me by me

I’m not unhappy with my choices overall, and at 41, I have a decent 19-year-old kid and a relatively happy life. However, there definitely are a few words of wisdom that I wish I could have imparted to the younger me. At 21, I had just become a mother and was always waiting for something to begin and for my life to improve. Little did I know my life was already perfectly fine.

These things probably would’ve benefited me had I known then what I know now.

1: Your thirties will be amazing.

I used to think your thirties were old, and like so many other people, that you peaked in your twenties. Man, was I wrong. I gave way less of a shit in my thirties and got my dress sense sorted. I left behind a lot of my insecurities as well.

2: Learn to enjoy your own company

I was quite a loner when I was younger and could easily amuse myself for hours. When I got older and started hanging out with people, that became my everything, and I forgot how to be alone and happy. Enjoying your own space and silence removes some of the desperation you might feel when you are lonely, and as we all know, desperation leads to making bad decisions and compromising yourself. Read a book, go for dinner alone, lie in bed listening to music, and if you still feel…



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